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Baby-bedtime-troubles... [12 Apr 2013|11:48pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Looking for some advice here... What else would you go here for, eh? :-) Well, apart from talking about how lovely your kid is of course.

And I do have a lovely daughter. Most of the time... But lately she's gotten into a habit, and it is really really draining and I am not 100% sure what to do about it.

She is 8 months old right now, and she's always been good at bedtime... except now, apparently...

Because she falls asleep nicely somewhere between 7 and 8pm. We put her to bed and then... she wakes up again 20-40mins later.

And refuses to fall asleep again. We won't get her to fall alseep untli around 10pm, sometimes later. And always always in my lap... Daddy is no good, just me, apparently. Which is exhausting since she is with me all day long and my hubby does try to take some load off my shoulders during the evenings after his after-work-nap.

So now what to do? Sitting for hours with a fussy baby that won't be still every evening is not very fun, let me tell you... Or is it a phase? Any ideas or thoughts would be very very welcome...


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[21 Oct 2012|09:54pm]


Car seat help? I have a 2010 Hyundai elantra and have been trying to decide upon a convertible car seat for dd who is probably 21ish pounds and 29 or 30 inches. Pros and cons to your choice? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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A Little Siter With A Chore(s) Problem [01 Oct 2011|10:42am]

Hello everyone!

I wasn't really sure where to put this as while I am not a parent, I have taken on a lot of my mom's roles in my household while she is in the hospital (being the oldest of four) and figured this would be a good place to post my issue, seeing as a lot of you might have a better understanding of teenagers.

I have a part time job, so my hours vary GREATLY and I am not at home as often as I'd like to be, especially on weekends and such. So, I try to help out as much as I can by buying groceries when I am at work, fixing dinner when I have a day off, and when/if they need to be done, do chores in my free time.

This morning, I woke up to my dad doing yard work and my sisters reading/on the computer, but the kitchen was still a mess from dinner last night (I was at work until 10pm, or I would have done it then), so I started to clean it up. My sister, who is sixteen right now, started to yell at me when I started to put clean dishes away, saying stuff like, "OMG CAN YOU LET ME DO MY JOB?" "No one is asking you to do this!" and "WILL YOU GO AWAY?"

To be honest, I got a bit angry at her. If it bothered her so much that I was doing her job(s), why didn't she do it properly in the first place, last night? Why did she leave dirty dishes on the counter, unwashed dishes in the sink, a clean load in the dishwasher and drainer, and the counters/stove unclean? She is typically lazy and usually only puts in about 50% of her total effort into her chores and we often have to tell her to do it again (properly this time) or tell her more than once to actually do it. This is not the first time that she has yelled at me about doing chores either. Last weekend, she yelled at me about vacuuming the house, mopping, and other general all-house chores/cleaning, saying pretty much the same things.

I guess my problem is that I don't know what her problem is. What do you guys think bothers her so much when I do chores around the house? I honestly just see them as things that need to be done, because as I am sure you guys will agree, a clean house is a nice one to come home to, and no one likes seeing bugs and dirt all over the place. Might I be stepping on some boundaries that she made in her head of who does what in the house since my mom went into the hospital?

Anything you can tell me would be extremely helpful!

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Help - Arthritis Walk Fundraising (parent & children) [22 Apr 2011|11:26pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Sunday May 15, 2011 is going to be the Arthritis Society's Walk to Fight Arthritis and this year I'm going to participate with my two daughters Molly (4 years old) and Maryn (3 years old) in the 1km portion of the walk (I'd do 5km if I were to be myself). Don't worry, my two kids have walked 2km easily before so I made sure they're okay with this distance.

Anyhow, the three of us are looking for sponsors who are willing to pledge us. So far I've posted on my work's Intranet, my (ick) neglected Facebook page, and the Arthritis Society's event page. So I figured that this would hopefully be a good place to post this up to spread word around. If you're able to contribute, you can either access this link: http://arthritis.akaraisin.com/3697CADAF8DE4A39AC75CF283042BD80/SailorSaturn ... any amount big or small will help out immensely as the kids and I need to raise minimum of $100 to go on this walk. Pledges of $20 or over will receive a tax donation receipt from the Arthritis Society.

For those who can't donate, you can help by either passing the link and our cause to other people you know in person or online, or you can participate in the walk on the 15th hosted in various cities across Canada (there are walks in the United States but you have to check http://www.arthritis.org/arthritis-walk.php to find the date in your local state; different months per region it looks).

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[17 Nov 2010|04:28pm]

How do you decide when your child is old enough to stay home alone? Do you go by maturity level or age?

My son is mature enough to stay home by himself, and has on a few occasions for an hour or less, but I'm concerned if it becomes a regular thing (i.e. I go back to college), CPS might get involved and tell me I'm wrong for leaving him home without a sitter.

There don't appear to be any state guidelines, and there's a lot of parents online reporting that they've left their children home alone as young as 6.

I looked into applying for low cost or free childcare assistance, but it doesn't seem that my going back to school would fall under the eligibility guidelines. With our current income, we couldn't even afford to pay a high schooler $60 to watch the kids for a couple of hours after school.

What are my options?
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Smoking [02 Nov 2010|10:11pm]


Ok I recently moved back home to my dads, whose a smoker... Normally he does go out to our breezeway/indoor porch thingy to smoke. The only down side is that the door doesn't always stay closed and some of the smoke gets in the house or sometimes he forgets and smokes in the house (hey we're all human).

My question is what can I do, hopefully for relatively cheap, to help protect my almost 9 month old from the smoke? My dads attempting to cut back to *hopefully* quit (hes been saying he should quit for who knows how long) so that options being worked on

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Elementary Age Girls and Parenting Styles [16 Sep 2010|10:03am]

Hi all,

I have a 6 year old girl with a very strong and assertive personality. She is one of those kids that is always trying to push the limits to see what she can get away with.  She plays a lot with other girls. Sometimes, they argue. I don't consider it odd. Sometimes, she will try to cheat at a game to see what happens, and when she gets mad, she might say "If you don't stop/start, then I won't be your friend anymore." 

In my mind, while these behaviors are not pleasant, it's my understanding that they are age-appropriate. I see the other girls doing it too. My approach to this is to watch, but not intervene unless someone comes crying. Even then, I ask the kids to try and figure out how they are going to work it out.

Do you think I'm off base in my interpretation of age-appropriate behaviors? How do you handle these kinds of behaviors? If you are a parent of a child who doesn't interact this way, how do you feel when your child is around girls who do behave like this?
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Free Amazon Prime for parents [09 Sep 2010|12:49am]

Just thought i'd give fellow parents a heads up on this. Amazon is giving a free 3 month trial to all parents right now: Amazon Mom- free Amazon Prime trial

It's called Amazon Mom but it's aimed at anyone who takes care of a child. For those unfamiliar with Amazon Prime, it is a service that usually costs $79 a year that gives you free 2 day shipping and $3.99 overnight shipping. I've found it so useful at times when i'm almost out of diapers and don't think i'll have time to get to the grocery store.
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Question About Vaccine Waiver Forms [29 Mar 2010|04:19pm]

Today, I received two marigold-colored pieces of paper requesting my children's vaccine history. The problem is with my husband being in the military and us moving 5 times in the last 6 years, the vaccine histories for both of my children both kept getting lost. Their vaccines were redone twice for for my daughter and three or four times for my son. At some point, the vaccines are going to do a lot more harm than good. The only vaccine history I have on my daughter are the ones she had last summer to get her ready for Kindergarten.

So, I want to sign a waiver against the vaccine requirements. I called my local doctor's office, and they agreed with me it would be better to waive it than have the vaccines redone. I can put down the reason for the waive as either health or personal conviction. However, the receptionist didn't think the form they use in their office would suffice for the school. She recommended I contact the school and find out what form they need me to fill out for it.

I intend on doing that; however, I know some states have forms you can print out online that the parent fills out and sends to the school. Does anyone know, or know where I can find, the Wisconsin forms?
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Language Development Questionaire [08 Feb 2010|11:14am]

Good morning everyone,

I am conducting a research project as part of my university degree that is focussing upon language development in children between the ages of 2 to 5.

If anybody has a child that falls within this age range, I would be very grateful if you filled out this short survey which has 7 questions as honestly as possible. I thank you in advance

The research project is titled 'The methods used by parents to promote language development and the effectiveness of these methods as perceived by them'.

I have made it easier for you to respond to the questionnaire by creating an online version for you to fill out.
Here is the link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/58SYRQR

Thank you very much,
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Hello there [01 Feb 2010|10:47am]

*Yes, this post has been moderator approved.*

I have just created a community called gifted_kids .  It is designed specifically to help with the needs of both gifted children as well as the difficulties faced by their parents.  While it is brand, spanking new, I am trying to work slowly but surely through my vast store house of information on the needs of the gifted child. 

If you are interested, please feel free to come over and take a look.  If you should decide to join, please introduce yourself and tell us (ok, so for right now us really means me) a bit about your experiences.

Thank you so much and I hope to see at least some of you soon.
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new to this community... [07 Jan 2010|02:18pm]

im new.
check out my story.
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New Community [15 Dec 2009|01:01pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hi all. I come to you all with a new community, and this was mod approved.

First, a little background. I'm not yet a parent, but it's not for lack of trying. My fiance and I have been TTC for two years with no luck so far. The difference between us and most other TTC couples is that we're both blind. We're very independent and competent people, and we think we'll be great parents when the time comes. Anyway, I did some digging on here and couldn't find any communities for blind parents, so I created one. Even if you're not blind, feel free to join and see what kind of things blind parents do to adapt household things, or help their kids with homework, etc, if you're just curious. Also, if you have a blind child, feel free to join.

Here's the link to the info page:

Thanks again to the mod for allowing this, and I hope to see some of you over there. Have a great day, and happy holidays.

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[02 Dec 2009|05:42pm]

Hi everyone!

As part of my undergraduate degree, I am doing research into services relating to disability - in particular, the research I am currently working on is to do with disabled children and sports teams.

I would really appreciate it if any of you with disabled children (either physically or otherwise - the disability itself is not really important at this stage, and nor is the severity) would be willing to take part in a very short survey. You would remain anonymous!

If you are interested in helping me out, please comment here - either with an email address or leave it blank and I'll send you a private message. I'm screening comments so don't worry, no one will see your address aside from me.

Thank you to anyone willing to help out!
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hey fellow moms?advice [28 Nov 2009|05:01pm]

My Name: shayyy <333 nd i my Location: georgia

&& still prego iin my first month in about 3 days
I go to school full time. Between that, my life is pretty consumed now that im pregnant,i have finals and projects and making up for sleep i dont get during the night.I dont know if im even graduating this year like i planned, well hopefully i might, because me and my dad got into about this pregnancy and i was planning but if not im just going to have to kick it in this lame town i call hinesville.

I like to get to know my LJ friends, & have convos ,keep updates and whatnot! So if you don't ever post, or ever comment, there's not a lot if point to adding me.
I've havent had a livejournal for years & dont have long-time friends, but am looking to add some new faces! Most recently, i've been posting about my life and the baby thats on the way but if it comes down to it i blog about alot of things like bisexuality(which i am but im currently back to being straight now that im pregnant), world problems , everything if your really a believer and want my opinions and facts about it if you get me to write about it.

And any extra advice from all you older people ?Lol . i know im young and not ready i know that already so please dont tell me that,
But I'm really open to advice about telling his family, and where to get stuff from ,teen aid stuff and whatnot
if you dont mind i live in hinesville, georgia and can you help me find some numbers to get help for like insurance and stuff.I've been calling around and stuff but no luck, people have been telling me about stuff and medicare and whatnot but i can't find ANYTHINGS!
so talk to me. add me and i will add back.Really need some supporters so thanks!
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Help Please! [16 Sep 2009|07:33pm]

Hi! I'm a PhD student in clinical psychology. I'm taking an intro to children and adolescents course. I need help from a parent and I don't know any parents in my area. Basically all I need is for someone to fill out a questionnaire which asks questions about how your child developed. Aka when did he or she speak their first words,walk. Also a few questions about temperament and how they interact with other children. Can anyone help me? Please comment here or pm me through livejournal. Thank you!!
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Quick! [11 Sep 2009|05:37pm]

Hopefully I can get real quick advice/tips

My daughter has recently been diagnosed with an egg and peanut allergy. (also may be allergic to chocolate, oats and rye)

We're about to go out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. What can I feed her? 
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Please please please help me, I'm going to rip my hair out! [09 Jul 2009|01:31pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

I am the proud child care provider for an adorable and incredibly sweet little 20 month old girl. She's generally very good and low maintanence, but over the last two or three weeks, she's been horrible about removing every stitch of clothing she's wearing, along with her diaper. Sometimes if I don't catch her fast enough, she'll pee on the floor. The last two days in a row, I've put her down to play after lunch so I could clean up or use the bathroom, and as soon as I go to the playroom, she's pooped in her diaper, removed it, and then peed on the floor. I've tried everything I can think of. Swatting her hand and telling her no does nothing. Taking away her toys does nothing. Time-out does nothing. I can't leave her alone for even a couple of minutes while I run to the bathroom, or to answer the phone or let the dog out. She’s not ready for potty training; we’ve tried and she’s just not making the connection. I'm at my wit's end. I know kids go through this phase, but I've never seen it this bad before. Any ideas, short of duct taping her diaper to her butt? LOL. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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quick question [14 Mar 2009|07:22pm]

Divorced a couiple of years ago?
Ex and I do not et along at all so she would liekly have not reminded kids

Should I remind kids its my birthday?
Kids are 12 14 and 16

My thought is no

any opinions?

thanks in advance
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