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Looking for some advice here... What else would you go here for, eh? :-) Well, apart from talking about how lovely your kid is of course.

And I do have a lovely daughter. Most of the time... But lately she's gotten into a habit, and it is really really draining and I am not 100% sure what to do about it.

She is 8 months old right now, and she's always been good at bedtime... except now, apparently...

Because she falls asleep nicely somewhere between 7 and 8pm. We put her to bed and then... she wakes up again 20-40mins later.

And refuses to fall asleep again. We won't get her to fall alseep untli around 10pm, sometimes later. And always always in my lap... Daddy is no good, just me, apparently. Which is exhausting since she is with me all day long and my hubby does try to take some load off my shoulders during the evenings after his after-work-nap.

So now what to do? Sitting for hours with a fussy baby that won't be still every evening is not very fun, let me tell you... Or is it a phase? Any ideas or thoughts would be very very welcome...

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