Xx_intoxicating_love_Xx (intoxicatin_luv) wrote in parenting,

hey fellow moms?advice

My Name: shayyy <333 nd i my Location: georgia

&& still prego iin my first month in about 3 days
I go to school full time. Between that, my life is pretty consumed now that im pregnant,i have finals and projects and making up for sleep i dont get during the night.I dont know if im even graduating this year like i planned, well hopefully i might, because me and my dad got into about this pregnancy and i was planning but if not im just going to have to kick it in this lame town i call hinesville.

I like to get to know my LJ friends, & have convos ,keep updates and whatnot! So if you don't ever post, or ever comment, there's not a lot if point to adding me.
I've havent had a livejournal for years & dont have long-time friends, but am looking to add some new faces! Most recently, i've been posting about my life and the baby thats on the way but if it comes down to it i blog about alot of things like bisexuality(which i am but im currently back to being straight now that im pregnant), world problems , everything if your really a believer and want my opinions and facts about it if you get me to write about it.

And any extra advice from all you older people ?Lol . i know im young and not ready i know that already so please dont tell me that,
But I'm really open to advice about telling his family, and where to get stuff from ,teen aid stuff and whatnot
if you dont mind i live in hinesville, georgia and can you help me find some numbers to get help for like insurance and stuff.I've been calling around and stuff but no luck, people have been telling me about stuff and medicare and whatnot but i can't find ANYTHINGS!
so talk to me. add me and i will add back.Really need some supporters so thanks!
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