pilot_scuba (pilot_scuba) wrote in parenting,

quick question

Divorced a couiple of years ago?
Ex and I do not et along at all so she would liekly have not reminded kids

Should I remind kids its my birthday?
Kids are 12 14 and 16

My thought is no

any opinions?

thanks in advance
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Yes. Stuff like that is important IMO. Call them up and say hey lets go out for pizza it's my birthday!
I agree with this, rather than seeming like you're guilting them, just go out and celebrate and take them with you.
Remind them. They are kids.
Maybe you could make them a calendar with important dates for your side of theh family.
I did this for my daughter for her fathers side of the family.

Not because HE wanted her to remember stuff (He only cares if she remembers his, not anyone elses) but because she and I wanted her to remember.

She also has a bunch of blank card stock and assorted pens and stickers so that she can make cards for everyone. I make sure she has access to the address book and stamps so she can mail them when she wants.